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The Campaign for the Homeless

It costs Catholic Charities $4,558,300 to house the homeless in the Archdiocese of Newark.

Catholic Charities opened its first shelter in 1986. At that time local and state governments fully supported the shelter's operating costs. Today, as a result of a struggling economy, local governments have cut their budgets for sheltering the homeless by 13- to 16-percent. This means Catholic Charities must raise $500,000 from individual donors in order to meet the growing demand.

Your contribution is needed now more than ever. Please make a generous donation today.

Emergency Shelters (up to 45 days) In addition to emergency housing, staff provide assistance to residents in finding employment and more stable housing.

St. Lucy's Homeless Shelter: Located in Jersey City, St. Lucy's Shelter provides services to single men and women who are homeless.

St. Bridget's Emergency Shelter: Located in Newark, St. Bridget's provides shelter for men living with HIV/AIDS.

Hope House and St. Rocco's Emergency Shelter: Located in Jersey City and Newark respectively, these facilities provide short-term emergency housing to women with children.

Transitional Housing (up to 18 months) Staff provide counseling, health care and other services to help individuals as they make the transition to self sufficiency.

Franciska Transitional Residence and St. Bridget's Transitional Residences: Located in Jersey City and Newark respectively, these residences are supportive transitional housing facilities for men living with HIV/AIDS.

Strong Futures: Located in Newark and Union City, Strong Futures provides transitional housing to youth, ages 16 to 21, who are aging out of the foster-care system, or who are homeless, and need to learn life skills that will prepare them for independent and productive living in the community.

Permanent Housing Staff provide access to on-site services such as support groups, mental health services and recreational activities.

Canaan House: Located in Jersey City, Canaan House provides 12 apartments of permanent supportive housing for homeless people living with HIV/AIDS and a mental illness and/or chemical addiction.

St. Jude's Oasis: Located in Jersey City, St. Jude's Oasis provides housing to intact, low or no income homeless families. St. Jude's Oasis works with families who have been negatively and severely affected by a variety of factors including substance abuse, severe and persistent mental illness, physical disabilities, domestic violence, unemployment and HIV/AIDS. Families live in one of five townhouses.

John Westervelt
Chief Executive Officer

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