For the Church, charity is not a kind of welfare activity which could equally well be left to others, but is a part of her nature, an indispensable expression of her very being
- Pope Benedict XVI


Catholic Charities as a ministry of the Archdiocese of Newark participates in the Church's social mission by recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of all people and responding with sincere Christian compassion to the corporeal needs of the poor and marginalized. The service of Catholic Charities is inspired by faith in Jesus Christ, Sacred Scripture, and the continuing exposition of Catholic social teaching. Through these activities, Catholic Charities strives to assist individuals in need, strengthen families, and provide those it serves with an experience of God's mercy.

Catholic Identity

As a social services agency, Catholic Charities furthers the social mission of the Catholic community of the Archdiocese of Newark. A critical characteristic of Catholic Charities is its affiliation with the Church of Newark, especially through an organizational tie to the Archbishop of Newark. As an apostolic outreach of the Church, Catholic Charities operates and provides services in conformity with the social and moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Papal Writing on Catholic Charities
& Charitable Works

John Westervelt
Chief Executive Officer

What is Catholic Charities doing to
better the lives of the least among us?

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark


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