Read Why You Should Give to Catholic Charities

Why do I volunteer at Catholic Charities? It seems Catholic Charities consistently undertakes the care of those least likely to be cared for. It does an outstanding job with the lost, the unfortunate.

I reap great rewards from my work as a volunteer. It has been a real privilege to witness the spirit, strength and positive attitude of people who frequently have so many struggles to overcome. One of the adults I tutor at Catholic Charities sometimes raises her arms and shouts out: "I am TOO happy to be here!" She says this with a huge smile on her face.

I agree. How could life be sweeter than supporting the people I volunteer with at Catholic Charities.


John Westervelt
Chief Executive Officer

What is Catholic Charities doing to
better the lives of the least among us?

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark


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